Kristi and her approach to training is simply inspiring! She doesn’t just train – she educates! By explaining my dog’s emotional and intellectual processes behind his behaviour, I’m able to apply the knowledge to a variety of situations  – not just one specific problem. Other trainers I’ve consulted in person haven’t explained the nuances of behaviours and how to apply the up-to-date science behind the training half as well as Kristi does over the phone and through email. The way she digests the problem, formulates answers, and suggests a training plan has helped us immensely - she’s definitely gotten me to the other side of problems and allowed me to see them clearly. Plus, I know that she’s being  trained by one of the best organizations around that uses highly respected and internationally acclaimed behaviourists and trainers. And she has loads of experience with so many types of dogs and behavioural issues. Her approach is easy to understand, fun, enlightening, and perhaps most importantly, positive and humane. I would recommend Kristi hands down to anyone, anywhere. Even though we live miles away and rely on email and phone, it actually feels like she’s right there with us, coaching and guiding us along. Thank you, Kristi!

-Heidi B

Photo: Postnikov | © Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images