House training


House training issues?

Many dogs make mistakes and "empty" inside the house.  This is a very frustrating problem - oh, the messes!  The damage to furniture and floors!  But, luckily, it is a problem that we can very often resolve.  If everyone pulls up their britches and gets to work, a house-trained dog is very often only about a month away.

Not in Yorkton? Check out my online-learning class, How to Potty Train A Dog: 3 Easy Steps from Mess to Success.

We have just the package for you.

Our house training package includes a one-hour consult in your home, and two follow-up 15 minute Skype sessions to troubleshoot.  Please get in touch if you'd like the relief of knowing your dog will be relieving themselves outside. 

The cost of the house-training package is $150 plus GST. 

Note some families may need follow-up sessions at additional cost.