Kristi trains using scientifically-sound, efficient, evidence-based and fun training methods.  She will use no force, pain, or fear with your dogs - as research has demonstrated that force-free techniques are effective, and using fear and pain can be detrimental or even dangerous.  Based on your needs, she will train your dog in your home or instruct you on how to train your dog.

Kristi has a lot of tools at her disposal. 

  • She can train your dog what to do instead of misbehaving.
  • She can help reduce unwanted behaviours.
  • She can change the way your dog feels about the things that scare him or her.

For fearful or aggressive dogs, Kristi focusses on both techniques which will change your dogs underlying emotions (desensitization and counter-conditioning), and on the behaviours which may be distressing to you and others.  

For other training, Kristi uses a type of training commonly used by animal trainers working for movies called 'lure-reward training' or 'production training.'  This training method is efficient in getting the behavours you want to see, and replacing the behaviours you don't want to see.  It has history of more than 50 years and has worked on thousands of animals - let us put it to work for you!  This training works for everything from asking for your dog to sit before clipping up her leash to complex tricks and other obedience.