Puppy training


Puppy Training!

Although puppy classes are wonderful (check out the word from veterinary behaviourists, the bigwigs at AVSAB), they aren't always possible or available - see our classes page for current class schedule.  Puppy Training with our fantastic "Puppy Doubles" is a fantastic way of getting your puppy a head-start.  We offer puppy training in groups of two sessions, each lasting an hour. This is usually a one hour session once/week for two weeks. 

What's in a Puppy Double?

Each of the two sessions includes about 30 minutes of obedience training and 30 minutes of targeted and safe socialization.  The obedience training will give your puppy a headstart on the things you'll want to learn in a basic obedience class, and the socialization will help your puppy becomes the safest, soundest, happiest adult dog they can be!  Each puppy double is $160 plus GST, which covers two hours of training on two separate days.