We offer a broad variety of dog training and behaviour modification services.

For house-training issues, the package is $150 plus GST.  This includes a one-hour consult in your home, and two follow-up 15 minute Skype sessions to troubleshoot issues. See our house training page for more information.

Our puppy prep session is $100 plus GST. Read more on our puppy training page.

For fearful, biting, or aggressive dogs, the initial fee is $180 plus GST. This includes a consult (see our training page for information on consults) and a single follow-up session. Note that most fearful, aggressive, biting dogs require extra sessions to resolve their behaviour, often six or more.

Our Come When Called package is $140 plus GST, and includes two sessions: one 45 minute session to discuss exercises, and then a follow 45 minute session one or two weeks later, generally out in a park.

Our Get Your Dog To The Dog Park package is $100. It includes two half-hour sessions and a wealth of supporting materials. The first session will be at your home or via video chat, and will include a review of normal play and a determination of whether your dog is a good candidate for the dog park. The second session will be at the dog park itself.

For other issues (dog-dog issues, obedience, etc.) our rates are $100 for the initial consultation, and $85/hr for each one-hour session afterwards. 

The number of sessions will vary, and will depend on the issue(s) and the training plan agreed to by the client and trainer.