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Pestering Pooches is my first online course and it’s all about answering two of the main questions I hear from dog owners: “How do I stop my dog from jumping?” and “How can I prevent my dog from begging at the table?” Many dogs love jumping up and pestering, so in Pestering Pooches you will learn to train your dog to be a much easier companion. Instead of jumping up, they'll learn to sit politely. Instead of mouthing or biting clothes, they'll learn to lay on a mat. And instead of making googley-eyes at your guests during supper, they'll be resting nearby on a mat, as polite as anything.

What's in the course

Training Plans - The plans within the course are designed to make it easy for you to follow along with the course in a straightforward way, removing guesswork.

Video Demonstrations - I’ll walk you through each step of the plan, so you can see exactly what the training looks like.

Lessons on Dog Behaviour - Understanding how dogs learn is an important piece of the puzzle. This can help us make better decisions, which are more in line with the needs of both species- human and canine.

Discussion Forums and Support - You’ll be able to get cheerleading and support from your fellow course-mates and me. You’ll also be able to post video of your progress and show off your proper pooch if you’d like.


Created in Partnership

This course is being hosted by Lori and I first met in 2014 and since that time have become good friends. We’ve also been working together at The Academy for Dog Trainers since 2016 and have had the opportunity to share important information about dogs, their behaviour and how they learn and we’re really excited to be able to do even more through an online course!

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This course is $29USD. My current and previous clients and class students are welcome to a 40% off code, please just get it touch.