In person training

Available in Yorkton, SK, and surrounding areas


Our first contact will be a call of about 15 minutes.  It will allow Kristi to get some details on what the issue is.  If appropriate, an initial consultation in-person will be set up. 

Preliminary phone call


The initial consultation will be an in-person meeting, likely with you and your dog.  Generally it will be at your home.  It will last about 1 to 1.5 hours.  Kristi will ask you for specific information about the behaviours you are seeing and how you would like to change them. In some cases, special 'management' options will be discussed.  'Management' means things you can do that can stop unwanted behaviour before training really starts, such as using crates and baby gates.  See below for information on rates.

During the consultation, or afterwards through email or phone, Kristi will propose one or more training package options.  Depending on the behaviour, the packages may vary from several lessons over several weeks, to a longer commitment in certain cases. Kristi does not use training that will scare or hurt your dog (see more about our training philosophy).

Initial consultation


Training packages will be customized to deal with the particular issue or issues that your dog has.  Although there are no guarantees in behaviour change, Kristi will use industry standards to estimate the time it will take to help you and your dog, and will offer options if different types of training may be of use.

Training packages



We offer a broad variety of dog training and behaviour modification services.

For house-training issues, the package is $150 plus GST.  This includes a one-hour consult in your home, and two follow-up 15 minute Skype sessions to troubleshoot issues. See our house training page for more information.

Our puppy prep session is $100 plus GST. Read more on our puppy training page.

For fearful, biting, or aggressive dogs, the initial fee is $180 plus GST. This includes a consult (see our training page for information on consults) and a single follow-up session. Note that most fearful, aggressive, biting dogs require extra sessions to resolve their behaviour, often six or more.

Our Come When Called package is $140 plus GST, and includes two sessions: one 45 minute session to discuss exercises, and then a follow 45 minute session one or two weeks later, generally out in a park.

Our Get Your Dog To The Dog Park package is $100. It includes two half-hour sessions and a wealth of supporting materials. The first session will be at your home or via video chat, and will include a review of normal play and a determination of whether your dog is a good candidate for the dog park. The second session will be at the dog park itself.

For other issues (dog-dog issues, obedience, etc.) our rates are $100 for the initial consultation, and $85/hr for each one-hour session afterwards. 

The number of sessions will vary, and will depend on the issue(s) and the training plan agreed to by the client and trainer. 



Puppy training


Puppy Training!

Although puppy classes are wonderful (check out the word from veterinary behaviourists, the bigwigs at AVSAB), they aren't always possible or available - see our classes page for current class schedule.  To help give you a head-start with your puppy, Kristi offers a one-session “Puppy Prep” that will help get you and your pup off on the right foot.

What will I learn in a Puppy Prep session?

In the one-hour session, you will learn:

  • Socialization: how, why, when and where!

  • Puppy biting: what it is, and how to curb it.

  • House-training: set yourself up for success.

  • Prevention exercises to help your puppy become the most confident, affable adult dog possible.


House training


House training issues?

Many dogs make mistakes and "empty" inside the house.  This is a very frustrating problem - oh, the messes!  The damage to furniture and floors!  But, luckily, it is a problem that we can very often resolve.  If everyone pulls up their britches and gets to work, a house-trained dog is very often only about a month away.

Not in Yorkton? Check out my online-learning class, How to Potty Train A Dog: 3 Easy Steps from Mess to Success.

We have just the package for you.

Our house training package includes a one-hour consult in your home, and two follow-up 15 minute Skype sessions to troubleshoot.  Please get in touch if you'd like the relief of knowing your dog will be relieving themselves outside. 

The cost of the house-training package is $150 plus GST. 

Note some families may need follow-up sessions at additional cost.