Your dog has issues?
We have solutions.



Our dogs are our friends, our constant companions, and our family. 


If your dog is behaving in ways that you find pesky or worrisome, we are here to help.  Let's get things back on track!

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How can we help?



Are you pulling your hair out with a particularly hard-to-housetrain dog? 

We will work with you in your home to regroup and plan for success.  We'll tackle this problem head on - and get you back your home, your sanity, and your dinner parties! Check out our packages page for more info.

Aggression and fearfulness...

Aggression and fearfulness...

When your dog sees another dog or a new person, does he growl, bark - or worse? 

We can help.

Is he scared of loud sounds, new people, or other things?

Aggression and fearfulness in dogs are rightfully a big deal to owners.  Luckily, there are many ways we can help to change your dog's behaviour and make everyone safer.  Email now to book a consult, and read more about what consults and sessions look like here.

Obedience and pestering...

Obedience and pestering...

Do you wish your dog sat when you asked, instead of jumping on you or your guests? 

No problem!

Would it make your hectic evening so much more relaxing if your dog wasn't underfoot? 

We'll tackle these and other behaviour issues in a fun and efficient way - soon you will have the relief of a dog who understands your cues, and you will learn how you already hold the keys to your dogs behaviour.  Check out our classes page to see if there is a class near you soon, or contact us for in-home sessions.

Leash problems...

Leash problems...

Can you imagine your dog walking easily by your side? 

If your dog is an industrial-strength puller, or worse - he lunges and barks at people or dogs - we can work with both of you to make your walks enjoyable for you, your dog - and everyone who goes by.