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The Long Distance Dog

The internet is bringing everyone closer together. If you live in an area without a credentialed professional dog trainer, distance consults using video-chat technology are a wonderful and easy option.


An initial consult of one hour will start us off. This consult is by video chat online, using one of a few video chat options: Zoom or Skype, usually. After the initial consult, you will receive an email outlining what we discussed and a plan for helping you and your dog. Generally the plan will include further sessions to coach you through a behaviour change plan that will leave you, and your dog, in a much better place. You will also receive relevant hand-outs.

What does a distance consult look like?


The initial consult is $100. Each one-hour session afterwards costs $80, and each half-hour session costs $50. A typical training journey might be an initial consult, one hour-long session, and three or five half sessions, for a total of around $300 to $450.

What does it cost?


You will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a webcam. You will also need a reasonable internet connection (rural internet is usually fine).

What do I need?



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