Dog and Puppy Classes

Thank-you for your interest in taking classes with us!  Classes are held at various locations in Yorkton, and occasionally we offer classes in other communities as well.  Classes are $150 plus GST, with a ten-dollar discount for dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue.  If you have a rescue dog, please email me with a few lines about your dog's story and I'll send you the promo code to get the discount. 

A full information package will be sent in the week before classes, and you'll have to fill out a form and waiver online as well.  

We offer:

Adult basic obedience for dogs who are friendly to humans and dogs, and over the age of about 4 months.

Puppy classes, for all puppies under the age of about 4 months on the first day.  Puppies must be at least 7 weeks old, have been wormed, and have had at least a single vaccination one week before the first day of class.  If your puppy doesn't quite fit in these rules, email me about getting them in to a partial class.  Puppy classes are very important and very time-sensitive.

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General information for dog classes in all locations

Classes are all taught by Kristi, an accredited professional dog trainer.  We keep our student-to-instructor ratio at around 3:1 to ensure all our students get the fantastic one-on-one teaching experience we are known for.  The classes will focus on using modern, efficient techniques to train basic obedience behaviours and life skills.  The techniques used are fun and fast, and will keep your dog happy and loving his new education (see more about our training philosophy here).  A full information package will be sent after you register. 

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At the end of the class, your dog should be able to:

  • sit and lie down on cue,
  • know to come when called,
  • "leave it" when asked,
  • sit for greeting and veterinary exams,
  • stay in a down position, and wait at doors. 

We'll also try out some great new anti-pull gear which will help you and your dog have more fun together on your walks.

Dog owners will also learn how dog pros get the behaviours they want - and how to apply it to their own lives!


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